Protecting Our Friendships

2017/01/21 at 1:46 pm

More specifically, protecting the interests of the individuals that we’re bridged to. Today, I sent a short email to Spongey. Note that when I say “short”, it’s Leemanism short. ^_^ So I sent an email to her with as straight forward of a thought process as I could make it given the circumstance. Basically, removing all of the silly willowy stuff I often put in my emails, it came down to one thing: protection. I looked back at my entire life transitioning into my more adult lifestyles and noticed one common theme: selfish regard. While I was certainly to some […]

Quora Fuckwits

2017/01/01 at 2:30 am

I’m a frequent visitor to Quora and I have answered a few questions, but most of the time, I comment on other people’s answers or comments. Most of the people who respond are pretty nice and cordial. There has been some that are outright assholes. However, from time to time, the occasional fuckwit would respond to some of my comments or answers. The Quora Fuckwit is someone who assert an argument, uses illogical fallacies, turn 180 degrees to say I’m the one who said something they said, then when called out for their stupidity, blocks me before I can smack […]

No motivation

2016/12/17 at 7:29 pm

Of course, everyone has their down days. Those who work on a routine 9-5 or even a sporadic part time job has someone to constantly keep them in check, at least in theory. Some people can get away slacking off and still get paid their wages. As a freelancer officially, I find that I am quite burnt out from my web development career. While it’s interesting to learn new things and experiment on them, the initiation of building a web site from bottom up is a pain in the ass to start. I create web sites mainly because it’s the […]

I realized that I won’t go very far

2016/12/17 at 7:48 am

The last three days had been an eye opening experience for me. These experiences don’t happen often but they do come at various points in my life thus far. This time around, I realized exactly how alike my father and I are. I am a reflection of his failures while he did whatever he did to try to ‘make it’. Prior to his life in Canada, he worked at an office with a relatively good salary and a very good chance of getting a promotion to assistant manager at his youthful age of late 20-something. However, he decided to travel […]

Serious? Yes. Aggressive? No.

2016/12/10 at 6:31 am

Earlier last evening, I was in a minor verbal altercation with my wife. While playing World of Warcraft, we spent a long time in Felsoul Hold finishing up some quests, mostly for her. I had some dangling remnants from a previous play time. After that, we started to do some Archaeology. After the first dig site was done, I asked her to activate the Flight Master’s Whistle which would take us to the nearest Flight Master. The altercation was lame in itself, so I agree that I shouldn’t have been so anal retentive, but all the same, I was annoyed […]

Quora: Why is it so difficult for me to make friends?

2016/12/08 at 4:15 am

This answer was originally posted on Quora. While my answer here may be a bit long winded and not straight to the point, I wanted to give the OP a broader idea why and how friendship is created. Mind you, this is advice given to someone who is seeking friendships and not for people who have a solid character. This is half dependent on what your personality is like, how you communicate, what your expectations are, your environment and how far you are willing to go for those friendships. For some, communication, expectation, willingness are a natural part of their […]

Dear Santa, will you be dropping by this year?

2016/11/22 at 3:16 am

I was probably about six years old and I know from television that Santa likes cookies with milk. So I set out a plate with a couple of cookies and a small cup of milk, when I felt my parents weren’t looking. I didn’t want to have to explain to them why I did that. I didn’t have the words for it, though I knew in my heart, I had to do it. Since Santa Claus was made aware to me as a child, I had written ‘Dear Santa’ letters to him hoping he would gift me something nice. Alas, […]

To be inspired, yet unmotivated

2016/11/20 at 3:28 am

Often times, I have a few things happening in my mind throughout the day, but once I get home, the motivation to put them on my blog fades away drastically. It’s truly a strange feeling because I used to post so much so often, yet now, when I know something is hilarious or inspiring, I cannot get it into my blog. It’s possible I have evolved from my blog, but at the same time, I feel it’s a part of me. I think what it could be is that I’ve lost things along the way, so for my blog to […]

Eric Wilson signed this 26 years ago

2016/07/01 at 7:46 pm

On a much lighter note than my blog entry last night, I went to Steveston Village with Amber earlier today for about two hours. We saw the parade, viewed some bonsai trees, walked around the park, got some ice cream and went into the Steveston Book Store. We spent a good 15-20 minutes in there, as it’s probably one of my favorite stores in Richmond. Books are stacked from the floor to the ceiling and most of them are used books from eons passed. Last time I went in there was with Patrick and Doctor Ding about four years ago. […]

I might go blind

2016/07/01 at 1:31 am

It’s not the end, but it might be the starting of something entirely new to me. A few days ago, Laura emailed me twice with some new cartoon pieces for a game collaboration with BGE Studios. I responded to her via Whatsapp saying I went to Richmond Hospital emergency for 4 hours, then saw an eye specialist for about an hour and a half immediately right after that. I was finally out of medical services by 10:30pm. I started just before 4:00pm when I asked my dad for a ride to the hospital. Last Tuesday on the 21st, I woke […]

Not done yet

2016/05/06 at 2:28 am

When I was young, a child, the view I saw was the Cypress Mountain amidst a sky of blue. I always associated that blue with my dad’s Nova. It was sky blue. It was also a car he seem to have been proud to own. So I wondered how he felt when he had to get a cheap second hand green Pontiac to replace it in the late 1980’s. When I was growing up, I often thought about my life ahead of my time. It worried me. When I was still in elementary school, I saw at my desk in […]

Riding My Old Route

2016/05/02 at 1:43 am

After my trip to Germany in April 2012, I went to the doctor and he told me I have fatty liver. This apparently is a pretty common ailment in the populace. Then came May 2012 and I drank a pint too much, which gave me a feeling of my liver tearing up inside of me that night as I tried falling asleep. It did not hurt, but it was the most disturbing feeling I had ever had. Following that night came the pain under the bottom right rib as if my liver was being pushed up against it. The pain […]

Trolling America with Donald Trump

2016/04/28 at 8:17 pm

For a moment, let’s all put away the notion what everyone around the world may face if and when Donald Trump gets elected into office, with the amount of ruin it may bring for the USA and everyone else. Is Donald Trump really that bad or is he doing what ‘most’ Republicans want anyway? Remember what is considered bad for one person, may be seen as great for another. Before any of my friends and long time followers private message me with “I’m surprised at you!” or other such and such criticism, let me point out that I will be […]

Where we’re going

2016/03/22 at 12:03 am

While I never speak about it to anyone besides mentioning it with Amber a few times, I often search for images of Richmond and Vancouver, while another tab would have the map of the Lower Mainland opened. While I look through those photos, I imagine all of the things I could do with my wife, the places we will go to, the different cafes and restaurants we will visit, the road trips we may take, etc. Honestly, this is a dream come true.

What makes a hero?

2016/02/01 at 8:51 pm

People normally associate firefighters, war veterans and doctors as heroes. Their jobs are often high stress and has something to do with saving lives. However is saving lives through direct physical danger, the only thing befitting of what is considered a hero? What about single parents that do their best for their children? What about teachers, nurses and counselors who have spent a large portion of their lives helping people beyond the numbers of their salaries? What about artists and athletes that have made a positive impact on other people?

What is love?

2016/01/31 at 12:40 am

Previously, I spoke about insecurity, controlling behavior and a lovesick attitude towards life. If you’re interested, you can read about it here: Today, I would like to expand on what I said there about what love is. Truly, many people assign one variable to what they think love is and then push that definition onto others. Some of those same people further define that true love is when two people are constantly head over heels with each other, without a dent in their relationship, that love is the be all and end all of all that is life. They […]

Insecure, Controlling and Lovesick

2016/01/30 at 7:38 pm

At one point or another, you or someone you know probably have met someone who had controlling tendencies. Indeed, there are various levels of control, but the ones I’m talking about are the ones that dictate who you can see, who you can be friends with, what sort of things you’re allowed to do and warn you what sort of consequences you’re going to have if you do not meet any of the things they put forth on you. Before you keep reading, here’s a few words of advice: STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE THAT. However, worded advice alone really […]

10 Years of Leemanism

2016/01/20 at 4:10 am

Prior to this post, you may have read “The First Born”. If you’ve been a visitor of my blog earlier than January 1st, 2016, then you would know that this blog once held over 400 blog entries. If you were here since the very beginning, 2006 April 1st, then you would have known that this blog had at one time peaked around 670 blog entries. The reason it went down was because over the years, I despised the political and religious stuff that I posted. I felt that they became stains of my ‘private space’. Then as time went on, […]

The First Born

2016/01/20 at 3:12 am

Being the first born of the first born of the first born comes with it, a lot of unwritten and unsaid burden. This photo is undated, but I surmise it was taken when I was barely a year old. That would make this photo within 1980 or early 1981. I’m the one in yellow. ;) That’s my grandfather and my grandmother on my father’s side. Look at the big genuine smiles on their faces. One would not think much beyond the immediacy of this photo, that my grandparents would be so happy to see their grandchild being happy, healthy and […]

Another step closer

2015/07/23 at 11:19 pm

Earlier today, Amber went to the post office and sent the Immigration Application to Mississauga in Ontario. It cost about 52 Euros for a Premium postal service which includes tracking and insurance up to $500. They said it will arrive between 5-7 days. So that means by next Thursday, the Immigration Office should receive it. Once they get it, it should take about 30 to 55 days for them to see if I am eligible as a sponsor. I should be because I am 100% eligible based on the questions I had to answer. No criminal history, not on welfare, […]