The Monarchy of Canada’s Right to Exist

Yesterday, Luna sent me a message about why I think the monarchy should continue to exist in Canada. Though her exact words were: “What do you think is the true purpose of sovereignty?” Since I moved my previous posts to another site, coinciding topics of politics, society and religion, I figured I take this chance to make a more eloquent post about why I think the sovereignty of Canada should continue to exist here. The following is my response to her message.

To give you something to think about for now, I’ll give you my take on the sovereign and it’s ‘purpose’, though what I say is often not ‘good enough’ for most people. ^_^

I think almost everyone I know, have known, know of and have spoken with at one time would agree that if there is no purpose to something that significantly affects the welfare of people as a whole, then the main question is: “Why have it then?”

Take for example Canada’s monarchy. The majority of Canadians are indifferent to it. Many even want to abolish it. Some want a Canadian to become our monarch. A few of us want the monarchy to stay the way it has been for hundreds of years.

First of all, our Queen is Canadian. It’s a given. She didn’t need to go through the whole process of immigration because it is her right to be so and this one point does not sit well with most people.

Most people expect that everyone is equal under the law, no matter your status. Most people dislike that the queen and parts of the royal family seem to bypass certain laws because of their status. The fact is, they are the royal family. In essence, they ‘own’ Canada.

In the very beginning, Canada was a large piece of land with no label and no unified mechanical civilization. Then one day, the various European sovereigns decided that it was a good idea to seek beyond the horizon. So the kings and queen made a decree for explorers to set sail and some of them found the New World. From there, they did their various conquests and colonized parts of the new territory.

Now with that said, I’m going give you an analogy. Now that Canada has been settled, who are the rulers of the colony? The English monarchy. Okay, so that’s settle. Now the analogy…

A hotel has been built. The owners of the hotel can continue to administer and govern the rights and freedoms of the people that live there. Over time, as the hotel grows and the chain of hotels grow, the owners feel that it’s time that the hotels govern themselves. So they create a body that will govern the running of each hotel. This body is the Strata Management.

As the generations come and go, parts of the hotel are not just rented out, but also sold as units for people to live in. No longer is the hotel solely a rental piece. People can now make renovations to their homes, colour their walls a different colour, change the counter tops to something else, etc.

Let’s say hundreds of years has passed and the descendent owners continue to collect a part of the management fees. For some hotels, they collect more. Others, they collect less or they collect just enough so they can stay there for a few nights without paying.

Now with this one thing, many denizens of these hotels are up in arms that the owners are still collecting from them. They yell: “What’s the purpose of the owners of the hotels?! They’re just leeching off of us!” So some of these people have created groups that want to abolish the hotel owner’s right to own their hotels. In their mind, the hotel owners should be paying the same management fees, rental fees and not have ‘power’ over the hotel denizens in any form. That they should all be equal under the law.

So now, let’s fast forward a little bit to our conversation right now. ^_^

You asked me, what is the purpose of the owners of the hotel properties. My answer is: why do they need a purpose? They’re the owners.

“What is the purpose of Canada’s monarchy?” My answer is: Why does the monarchy need a purpose to continue to be Canada’s monarchy?

It is through the generosity of the English monarchy that Canada was given the right to govern itself. Now some people want to abolish the monarchy, because in their self righteousness, they ‘forgot’ that Canada was given to its citizens to govern themselves. That doesn’t mean we, as the citizens have the right to take away the sovereignty’s right to rule.

I am not sure if you realize this, but the Queen of Canada cannot vote. She has to remain impartial because whoever the citizens elect as their government, that same government governs the country on behalf of the sovereign.

So while indeed, the queen and part of the royal family is above the law specifically in terms of citizenship bypass, the queen cannot vote for the government she wants. Voting is a given right to all Canadian citizens. So in that respect, isn’t it more true that while the queen may seem above the law, that it is actually more accurate to say, the citizens have more power over the queen than the queen does over the citizens?

I find this unfair that Canadians are not taught this. Most Canadians don’t realize that there need not be a purpose for our sovereign to exist. They just do because they are our sovereign.

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