The similarities between the issues in Utah and Net Neutrality

President Trump made an announcement earlier that Federal protections on Bears Ears National Monument will shrink by 2 million acres, to be ‘given back’ to the state of Utah to regulate. Which also means this land which is no longer being protected by the Federal government will be up for sale if the state so wants it. Sale to whom? To companies willing to pay for that land, to be used for oil and for other similar usages. This land, which was under the Federal government’s protection was also protecting ancient burial grounds for natives, as well as of course, the ecology which is important to the overall wildlife and habitat. Doesn’t Trump’s America look more and more like Back to the Future’s Biff’s America?

Now about wiping out Net Neutrality. This means the government no longer regulates how the internet should be opened to people, provided by the Internet Service Providers. Removing Net Neutrality means the ISP’s will have total authority over what people are able to connect to.

For example, if XYZ service provider is ultra right-wing in their views, they can put out an entire collective block on all sites related to anything remotely left-wing related. They can also charge you extra to watch Netflix, because it’s against another competitor they are fond of. In other words, removing Net Neutrality means ISP’s are no longer restricted to acting according to a standard policy of providing internet to people. Instead, they will create their own set of standards based on their own corporate goals.

If anyone is to argue FOR wiping out Net Neutrality because it means less government spying on you, then you’re naive at best. The government doesn’t need to remove Net Neutrality to spy on you. They do it all of the time, regardless of what medium you use to connect with other people. Net Neutrality is to protect your rights and freedoms to access what is available, no matter who provides you with internet. Without Net Neutrality, ISP’s can block or limit your access to websites, just because they can. This was never about government spying on you. They do it regardless. Net Neutrality is about what you’re supposed to be able to access, versus what corporations want you to access through a paywall.

So, what does this and Net Neutrality have in common?

Republican supporters have screamed that they want less government in their day to day lives over the years. There is so much government, so much regulation, that it’s stiffing competition, that it’s hammering down on free market, etc. To a degree, that might be something to think about. However, Federal protections isn’t one of them. Federal protections is meant to create an equalized policy on a very broad circumstance. It’s meant to give you, the every day citizen and user the chance to access the material you want to access, the news you want to read, the videos you want to watch, without worrying about a company limiting or blocking your access because of their own corporate ideals. Utah and Net Neutrality is similar because the Trump government, the Republicans want you to believe that this is about smaller government, but I will tell you that THIS is one thing you DO NOT want smaller government in. This is where the Federal government needs to regulate. If you leave it up to the corporations on how internet is regulated, you’re going to have a large opportunity of never being able to access relevant information when you need it. Right now, you have Fox News, Breitbart and many other right-wing sites. You also have Huffington Post, CNN, Just Kidding News and many other middle-left and left leaning sites. Then of course, you have everything in between and beyond them. Without Net Neutrality, if for example, a company like Comcast is far-right wing, then can block everything that isn’t Fox News, and Breitbart. If you want to access Youtube, you might be charged an extra dollar amount, etc.

Last year, I argued with a Republican Congressman in a private message in Facebook. He convinced his Republican supporters that Net Neutrality is Obama’s way of injecting socialist ideals and controlling what people can use. LOTS of people believed him. So it’s no wonder many people believe Net Neutrality is a bad thing, when it is in fact the opposite!

Trump’s main goal is to undo everything President Obama did and with the support of a Republican Congress, he can and he has. It’s truly shameful that Republicans would stoop so low to accommodate an egomaniac such as Trump, but what’s even more aggravating is that so many Conservatives chanted that Obama was a narcissist, yet fail so horrifically to see that Trump truly considers himself that same narcissist they hate. However, I surmise when a black skinned man makes a lighthearted joke about himself, it’s taken literally. When a white-skinned man makes a literal self compliment, everyone thinks he deserves it and is not a narcissist.

Make America Great Again literally means:

– Put Don’t Ask Don’t Tell back in.
– Jail and recondition gay people and transgender people.
– Do not allow women in the navy.
– Do not allow women as Rangers and SEAL.
– 100% Pro Oil.
– 100% Pro Coal.
– 100% against Renewable energy.
– 100% against Ecology protection.
– 100% against all other religions especially Islam, except Christian, Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness.
– 100% putting into text books that the country was founded on Christian principles.
– 100% putting in Creationism into text books and teaching it as ‘science’.
– ALL LIVES MATTER and Black People Are Just Making Shit Up
– Remove ALL gun control.
– Remove Net Neutrality.
– Give corporations ultimate power.
– Give tax breaks to the rich.
– You can pussy grab women because as a man, you are entitled to.
– You no longer have to be politically correct. Say whatever you want and no one is allowed to defend themselves against what you said because they are all snowflakes if they do.
– A white man that guns down people is mentally ill, but a coloured person is automatically a terrorist, especially if he’s Muslim.
– Bakeries can refuse gay customers due to their religious beliefs, even though they still serve divorced people. They can cherry pick their religious laws.
– Bakeries can’t be sued by gay customers, even though they harassed those gay people online and posted their private information for other people to bully them into.
– Shoot first, ask questions later.
– Being white and drive around a black neighbourhood shouting Heil Hitler will be allowed because that’s called Free Speech, but if a black man drives around preaching about white police brutality, it’s all fake news and should be banned.
– You’re not entitled to free health care, because individuals worked hard for their own money, even though these same individuals pay taxes for things they don’t use like public schools, high ways, police, fire stations, administration, parks, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. So who runs these things when there are sick and dying people who can’t afford medical care?

The list goes on.

It’s truly amazing to read and hear people say the damnest of things to defend President Trump and with that same set of things, condemn President Obama. It’s so truly twisted that I am beyond being angry. It’s like a nuisance that won’t go away. NONE of the things I listed above makes America great! ALL of those things makes America look like a cesspool of extremist filth! Jesus would certain NOT condone any of that bullshit, especially coming from Trump and his supporters!

DISCLAIMER: When I say Conservatives and Republicans, I am not saying ALL of them. I am specifically saying the ones that support Trump. Some of my Conservative friends detest Trump and I thank you for that.

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