Trolling America with Donald Trump

For a moment, let’s all put away the notion what everyone around the world may face if and when Donald Trump gets elected into office, with the amount of ruin it may bring for the USA and everyone else. Is Donald Trump really that bad or is he doing what ‘most’ Republicans want anyway? Remember what is considered bad for one person, may be seen as great for another.

Before any of my friends and long time followers private message me with “I’m surprised at you!” or other such and such criticism, let me point out that I will be playing the Devil’s Advocate for the most part. I don’t actually support or endorse him, though I would be very curious as to what the world becomes with him as president. However, the intention of my post is deeper than that. Let’s just say since the start of his candidacy for president, I felt that something has always been a bit off with his campaign. So bare with me as I bring my thoughts to light.

Donald Trump, as many people know is running for president of the United States of America. He has aligned himself with the Republican Party and he has millions of supporters. Most people probably know Donald Trump as a ruthless businessman who has had both failures and successes in his various businesses over the decades. In my opinion, as a person, he is neither a successful person or a failure. The reason being is that he was born rich. Wealth can be a byproduct of a person’s success, but it cannot be a good measurement of a person’s success. Success is a constant that has a beginning with milestones. Whether those milestones are known or unknown is irrelevant. However, I will go out on a limb and say he has successfully garnered a large group of fans that support all or most of what he wants to do. In other words, he has gained enough support to become the next president of the USA and to many, that is a very scary thought.

Many Republicans have denounced Donald Trump for his statements on ethnicity, language, women’s rights and so on, but have no issue in giving out statements that are just as twisted hidden under the guise of religion or family values. I don’t want to say I have gained respect nor admiration for Donald Trump, but I will say that at least he’s being openly honest about what many Republicans have already expressed in their varying levels of subterfuge and veil.

However there is one detail that irk me about Donald Trump’s tenacity in all of this. The thing that keeps popping up inside my head is, “Is he for real?” All of the stuff he has expressed seem so flamboyantly aggressive, as if he’s doing it to troll the Republican Party and to make a statement. As if he’s showing the world what the Republicans are really made of openly and honestly. Yes, many of the things Donald Trump has said are pretty messed up, but simply taking a look at his Facebook page, he has over 7.2 million followers. That means over 7.2 million people believe in his words and support his policies. So no matter how racist and prejudice he may seem, most of his followers are Republican. If Republicans truly denounce Donald Trump, maybe the minority believe he would make a bad president. At the very least, the majority is either staying silent grinning from ear to ear or they actually really support his ideals. What isn’t there to support? He wants to limit immigration, build a huge wall at the Mexico border, remove illegals, is pro-Christian, anti-LGBT, pro-life, anti-abortion, pro-military and supports the wealthy. Heck, he has expressed that President Obama is Kenyan born and not American born. Isn’t this what Republicans have always believed in? So what’s the problem?

The problem is that many Republicans don’t want to know the truth of their beliefs because their beliefs are normally considered as detestable. It’s one thing to constantly preach the same stuff over and over again diluted with religion and family values, but it’s a totally different thing when someone with an even more powerful voice repeats it for you openly and honestly for the world to hear without religion and family values to hide behind. The difference is that Donald Trump openly tells people he want to do all of those things. Where as other Republicans are trying to sensitively dance around the feelings of people from other ethnic groups (skin tone, language, culture) besides the Caucasian populace, women who want equal opportunities, Christians (and Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Catholics) who make up the majority and the politics in between. In other words, Donald Trump is a no bullshit sort of guy who doesn’t care about political correctness. He’s a breath of fresh fiery air for conservatives. Unlike most other politicians, he’s a ruthless businessman who will confront you head on and tell you to GTFO. You will never see Mitt Romney, John McCain, Ted Cruz or any other Republican politician be able to do what Donald Trump can do and that is why he has garnered so much support.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders seems like the exact choice for liberals to lead the country, even if he is seen as a Democratic Radical or in other words, a Liberal Independent. On the Republican side, Donald Trump seems like the exact choice for conservatives to lead the country, even if he is seen as a Republican Radical or in other words, a Conservative Independent.

Also, this doesn’t account for the fact that only a small portion of Americans use Facebook. That means Donald Trump most likely has millions more Americans that support him. I will make an educated guess and say if the Democrats don’t get their acts together, Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States.

The consequence that Donald Trump is now a contending and real candidate for the presidency is a byproduct of the anti-Obama sentiments, on top of the more problematic issue: electing in a Republican controlled Congress. You created Donald Trump and he’s laughing all the way to the White House. When he gets there, he’s going to build Trump Towers White Edition on top of it, laced with gold and platinum paid for by the tax payers money. Are you proud? You should be. You got what you wanted: a Rich White Christian Republican who is honest and deliberate. How more perfect can that be?

Going back to the main topic however, like I said, Donald Trump’s whole presidential campaign just felt very off to me since he started. I already mentioned he seemed very flamboyantly aggressive. Let’s pretend for a moment that Donald Trump is much more clever than what most people deem him to be. Let’s pretend that Donald Trump is in fact, aware that he is a fool with all of the things he has said. Let’s also pretend that Donald Trump is less trying to become president and more so, trying to show Americans just how fucked up America really is.

With all of that said, the cherry on top is that if in the end, he does get elected president, that would simply mean he was able to fulfill one of his milestones in life. In other words, not only does he prove how fucked up America really is, but he gets to sleep in the White House knowing how hard he trolled everyone and got away with it.

Alternatively, he could just simply be a ruthless businessman who calculated the right time to take over the country. ;)

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