Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you restrict commentating on your posts to people who are logged in? It wasn’t always like that!

Firstly, it’s to deter spam. Secondly, the Disqus system allows all of my blogs and e-zines to be merged into one system, so if you ever decide to visit my other sites and channels, you can log-in with the same account.

Furthermore, the Disqus system allows you to login via your Facebook OR Twitter OR Disqus OR WordPress OR Google Plus account. If you don’t want to login due to what you feel is ‘revealing too much’ of your private life, you should in fact just remove yourself from the internet all together. This website and my other websites using the Disqus system do not store any of your private information whatsoever.

2. Why did you start this blog up?

Shortly after my final break-up with a girl I was intimate with, I visited her new fuck buddy’s website and noticed he was using WordPress and thought that was cool. So I started my own blog initially to rant and vent, which evolved to posting up about stuff about friends, family, my thoughts on other things, etc.

3. How do you find the motivation to keep blogging?

It’s not so much being motivated. It’s more like a whim that I blog. About half my friends have tried blogging at least once or twice in their lives, but all of them have quit along the way. They usually quit about 3-6 months after they start. The reason I surmise is that they have a certain expectation that people will read their blogs. By reading and commentating on their blogs, that will then convert it into ‘fuel’ that will motivate them to keep blogging.

Although for the first 4-5 years of my blog, I had a consistent handful of commentators, ultimately, what made me keep going was that I didn’t have expectations to get readers that commented on my blog entries. I blog because I have a lot to say and I want to express myself somehow.

My raw statistics for my blog averages out about 2,000 visitors or about 3,000 page hits per month, but only roughly 15% of that are visitors who actually read through my posts. Most of them don’t. They are hit-and-miss visitors that searched for something, clicked on the link to this blog and realized it wasn’t what they wanted, then left.

If you’re looking for advice, I can only give you two:

a) If you are seeking returning visitors who will comment on your blog, then you need to have a focused niche. My blog is not a focused niche. My topics are all over the place. I talk about my personal life, as well as society, religion, politics and other silly little things. Unless you have some really great friends and family members who want to stay up to date with your life, you’re not going to find anyone who is going to want to be a ‘fan’ of you. Of course, if you’re famous or heading that way, then it’s different.

A focused niche is something that is specific. Eg: Glenn Beck is all about anti-Obama. He gets a ton of visitors because there are a lot of people who believe in what he says. He spreads paranoia and that works for a lot of Americans. He’s the cheer leader that shouts obnoxious things and people will rally to him.

Another example would be George Takei. He’s a film and stage legend. He’s gay and a major activist. He’s loved by millions and he has a major impact on the lives of a lot of people. He uses his blog to bring light to different issues coinciding equal rights, civil liberties and the other passions he is involved in. You could see that his blog is like mine, but he has a lot more going for him: money, a vast network of friends and fans, his fame, his activism, his awesomeness.

b) If you are primarily seeking consistency in blogging without the need for commentators, then all it comes down to is try to inspire yourself with other things that will eventually push you into posting your thoughts on your blog. This is primarily where I get my desires to post on my blog. Though it’s all based on a whim, music, moments in a game, scenarios in film, something I discussed with someone, things I’ve seen outside, etc can all be factors that ultimately steer me to post in my blog.

The trick is to not let that whim slip. When you get a build up of inspiration, immediately drop what you’re doing, go to your computer, put on your headphones and then type. Even if there is no music to play, just put on those headphones. It’s a big habit of mine, but somehow it works for me.

4. So are you a Libtard?

According to Obama haters who seriously believe he is a combination of the Antichrist, a Communist Muslim Dictator, a Socialist Tyrant and Clueless Kenyan Filth, I am a Libtard. According to Green Peace militants, hardcore Feminists and conspiracy theorists, I am a Conservative scumbag happy to see the world burn.

The fact is, it’s all perspective. I am financially Conservative and socially Liberal. I believe that government is meant to create structure for society, but not to regulate what is considered moral or immoral. I believe religion should be private and religious centres should not automatically be tax exempt. I believe that everyone should be taxed equally. I believe fines should scale according to a person’s net worth. I believe that industry needs to be regulated. I believe that companies have the right to pick and choose their customers ON THE SOLE condition that their business licensing will then cost a bit more on a yearly basis, because it does not fit the unified greater good ideal. Health care should be treated the same way as highways, police, firefighting, military, etc. It’s a basic necessity.

Let’s put it this way: no one can ever be elected into American politics if they were actually a Communist, let alone a Dictator and Tyrant. Those people who call Obama a Communist Dictator or Socialist Tyrant, clearly haven’t experienced what a Communist Dictator actually does to his populace. I suggest the CIA kidnap a few of these Anti-Obama truthers and throw them into North Korea to live there for a few years. By the time they are brought back to the USA, they would be kissing and hugging President Obama.

5. Do you think President Bush is an idiot?

No. I disagree with the majority of his policies. I believe he is worst than President Obama by a massive margin. I also believe he was the perfect modern-day Republican president, considering how bad the modern-day Republicans have become. However, regardless of all of these things, I wouldn’t call him an idiot.

I disagree with his policies and I will debate his supporters, but I would not disrespect him as president. I would not disrespect the administration.

6. I heard you donated to the Conservative party, but voted against them. Why?

For a short time, I supported Prime Minister Stephen Harper because he made it clear that he would not reopen the issue of abortion. He also stated that even if he personally disagrees with marriage for gays, he believes Canada is better off with marriage equality since it affects everyone and not just himself. This one major point is why I respected him, even if I disagree with the majority of his policies.

He and his administration did things that benefited the entirety of the nation, even if the things they did went against their personal beliefs. He recognized that when it came to national policy, it involved more than just himself and his administration. It involved everyone.

So consider my donation as a ‘beer tip’ to him. I voted against them, because I in fact, do not support the Conservative Party agenda. I dislike the Liberals as a whole and besides the NDP, I don’t know any other party that would truly fight for national social equality. We have it a lot better than the USA, but even with the PC’s, Liberals, NDP and Green Party, I fear that our different parties don’t really help us as much as we hope. I recognize the broader picture of things. So even if there are individuals in the Liberal and NDP that want to truly help us all, their parties are too focused on the votes.

I want a party that supports the Constitutional Monarchy, that protects Canadian citizens first and foremost, that limits foreign investment on our properties. I want a party that doesn’t mind taking a salary hit, so teachers, nurses, doctors and other necessary personnel are paid properly. I want a party that actually sincerely wants to help citizens, especially those whom have lived here for a long time that are trying to make ends meet. Yet, no one has stepped up to the plate. NO ONE.

7. How do you feel about our military?

I thank our veterans and their families for their direct and indirect service. I donate to Historica Dominion when I can, thank current and former soldiers whenever I can. Do I support Canada’s military involvement? Yes I do, but only if its meant to benefit Canada and her allies primarily for security. Secondary reasons could be related to economical issues such as safer trade routes, oil production and other commodities.

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