How fast do you type?

2014/11/12 at 8:03 am

Of course, there are better WPM examination tools, but just for fun, I got 359 CPM (72 WPM) from this test: Apparently I beat 90% of everyone who took this test. 185 CPM (48 WPM) is the median, with most people doing between 120 CPM to 200 CPM. How about you?

25 Vintage Photos of Vancouver

2014/11/08 at 8:13 am

I was born January 14th, 1979 and throughout the early to mid 1980’s, my memory of cars were shaped and styled like that of my dad’s 1976-1977 Chevrolet Nova. It was sky blue which is the same as our 1995 Mini-van that we still drive today. It was obviously different. Today, cars are generally round and sleeker. Though I generally like the style of modern cars, I find that many of the cars today lack the character of those back in the 1970’s. There was something raw and in-your-face, even though I have to admit that many of those cars […]

Proud to be yourself

2014/10/31 at 3:06 am

Yesterday, I saw an article on Facebook that Tim Cook came out to the public and announced that he is proud to be gay. In response, I rhetorically asked why he would be proud to be a certain sexual orientation. The most common answer from other people were that gay people have been discriminated against, therefore it is brave of someone to come out to the world that s/he is gay. With that logic, that means anyone can be proud of a particular trait if that trait has been discriminated against. Post by The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Growing up, I […]


2014/10/27 at 5:20 am

1945 August 15th was the day Emperor Hirohito of Imperial Japan officially surrendered and Hong Kong was liberated. 1946 was the year my dad was born. Often times, I think of the old photos my family had shared with me and I think back on those days when Hong Kong was mostly ocean and farmland. When the village where my dad was raised in was in its simpler days, when the river touched its borders. One of my uncles has a painting of one of our ancestors hanging in the den of his house. An Imperial Qing magistrate wearing the […]

Please help a young couple in need (Ontario, Fort Erie)

2014/10/22 at 6:04 pm

This is a repost of my friend’s Facebook message: Attention everyone! My friend and his partner have recently lost a child. They are young… neither have a drivers’ license and they are alone in a new town. They don’t have close family and from what my friend has told me, they don’t have many friends who are there for them. They live in Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Ontario. I have contacted an organization (that helps grieving parents through community building) to find out what is possible in this situation. In the mean time, I have recommended that they start with getting […]

ISFP – The Artist

2014/10/20 at 5:25 am

I could have said this about myself. ^_^ Introverted – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving LINK FAMOUS ISFPs: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Sofia Coppola, Audrey hepburn, Nicole Kidman, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, Eminem, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger, Kate Bush PERCENTAGE OF ISFPs AMONG POPULATION: 8.8% ISFPs are keenly in tune with how things look, taste, sound, feel and smell. They are unusually gifted at creating and composing things. They feel the need to live in accordance with what they feel is right and won’t hesitate to rebel against anything […]

Digging Around in the Dark

2014/10/16 at 2:24 am

While I was digging around in the dark in Minecraft, a memory surfaced of when I was a teenager or when I was in my early twenty’s. In my memory, in a previous night, my mom had thought she convinced me to go to dim sum with her, my dad and my brother. Then the next morning came and I told her I didn’t want to go anymore because I didn’t feel like it. At the time, my mom was already dressed and had walked into my room to wake me up and heard me say that. She responded disappointingly, […]

Stuff I am going to do

2014/10/15 at 11:42 pm

The title of this post is inspired by the Disney/Pixar movie “Up”. I’m actually watching it as I type out this entry. I’m at the point where they just got married and doing various things together, like lying down and watching cloud babies. Then they… Well for those who haven’t watched it yet, I won’t ruin it for you. …… Wow, that was so sad. It immediately made me thought, “I love you, wife.” Okay, maybe it’s a bad idea to watch it while I try to type out this post. ^_^ Haha, this part is actually pretty funny. I […]

Far and wide

2014/10/13 at 6:04 am

The emphasize here is that I enjoyed my time at Calgary with Uncle Dick and Jason back at the end of February 2014. Somewhere inside of me was a man that enjoyed every moment of it, but at the same time, a large part of that man was filled with worry, anxiety, depression and everything that brought him down. Not long ago, I met with Tom after a long time. He wanted some coffee, so as we walked up the street, I stopped him and told him that in the past, I was numb to the feelings of others, while […]

The bright dot through the clouds

2014/09/30 at 3:03 am

I meant to post up my exact thoughts on the day it happened, but one thing lead to another and somehow it’s 21 days later. That day, I was very down. Actually, I was down for weeks. Actually, I had been down for years. It’s just that, hope keeps me going. Things that happen with others act as whimsical invisible ropes that allow me to barely hold onto and guide me. Every day is this feeling of near hopelessness. It is a bad feeling. It is a feeling of constant subtle ache and at the pit of my stomach, it […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge

2014/08/23 at 11:19 pm

Firstly, it’s great that this Ice Bucket Challenge has gained attraction and spread awareness, which resulted in a lot of donations. Secondly, it seems like a lot of people are having fun doing it. The following video is great. The guy who narrated this video needs a hug and I’ll gladly donate what I can afford, like I normally do with other charities every year. So note that I am not against the idea of the IBC and the results are fantastic. – ALS Research Foundation: – Anthony’s Family Donation Page: With that said, personally, there is something […]

I’m 1337

2014/08/21 at 1:41 am

By complete fluke, I noticed the amount of days I’ve been a member at as of today (August 21st, 2014) has been 1337 days. The nerd in me automatically thought that wasn’t a number when I noticed it in my Settings. I thought it was a label that GOG gives everyone based on the amount of time they’ve been a member. At closer look, it was in fact the amount of days stored and calculated by the server. I just wanted to point that out. I figured it’s better I post it here than to post it on the […]

Christy Mack, shaken, not stirred

2014/08/20 at 5:34 pm

At least, I hope in her road to recovery, she doesn’t get broken even more. She has a lot of supporters and unfortunately, a few haters as well. I never understand haters though. As some of you may know, Christy Mack is a pornographic performer. I think she’s hot. Though I have to admit, I’m not a fan of hers. However, at some points in the recent past, I have told my wife that they both have some resemblance, especially when my wife dolls herself up and makes herself look naughty. The main things I want to talk about today […]

The LoL Rant

2014/08/09 at 3:58 pm

So I was mining in Minecraft and then my nephew texted me some stuff on Skype. I had no idea what he was telling me until I was able to safely exit the game and read what he was telling me. This is what he sent: [4:50:01 PM] Andy: Kid tried to argue League math with me on the basis that his ‘game knowledge’ is spectacular [4:50:08 PM] Andy: An inhibitor with 300 health left or so [4:50:16 PM] Andy: He, our main damage, died about there [4:50:25 PM] Andy: I’m the tank and the support died shortly afterwards [4:50:39 […]

The walled capital

2014/07/30 at 4:15 am

Vivid dreams scare me. They translate as nightmarish to me. A cross between my brother Edmond and my cousin Brandon appeared in my dream as the person who was almost always with me. We were both at a camp site in a desert-like area. Beside us was a mountain with a flatten cliff side and what seemed like houses carved into random locations on it. They were styled after Roman or Greek architecture. Far below them were modern townhouses. Brandon and I sat across from the townhouses and we looked at the mountain and the townhouses while we talked. The […]

Sexy time

2014/07/17 at 9:31 pm

The idealistic will try to preach to you that “sex without love is meaningless”, but I beg to differ. Who says that people need to be in love to make sex meaningful. Friends can have sex and not be in love, with a mutual understanding and respect and still have a meaningful sex life. Then again, why does sex have to be meaningful in the first place. I think ‘you’ are mistaking sex with communication. Heh, I said that on purpose just to see if people will flame me for it. I bet if my blog is famous enough, I […]


2014/07/17 at 8:51 pm

Literally, as in your colon. Yes, that nasty mushy fleshy thing that your poop passes through before exiting your body. Actually no. I’m actually speaking about taking action void of mental conscience. This is one thing I seem to have the least of. It is both bad and good. I will start with the good bits first. Sometimes, I do things on a whim and sometimes things that normally need some thought, I do it on an impulse which half the time has lead to some grief and humiliation. Oh wait, didn’t I say I will start with the good […]


2014/07/02 at 2:02 am

I do not know when I first heard fireworks, but I can remember it was 1989, December 31st, near midnight and I looked out my small bedroom window thinking, “It is finally another decade.” I was 10 at the time and a mere two weeks short of my 11th birthday. It was not necessarily a moment to tell myself life will get tougher, but I have a feeling it was a moment of wonderment. I always looked toward the future as if it was a painting that I needed to uncover. I have uncovered it and found that there is […]

Another chance at it all

2014/06/30 at 8:42 pm

One of my favorite movies is The Young Victoria. It’s based on the overall story of Queen Victoria, from her time before being queen to when she married Prince Albert. I have watched that movie about three dozen times in a period of just a little over two years. “Is it that good?” Well, yes of course, but I think there is a more sub-conscious reason which I thought about some moments ago after I watched the movie again. I think it is a life that I would like to have with my wife Amber. Not necessarily being Royals, but […]

Too good for me

2014/06/24 at 1:13 pm

Someone said somewhere that if you tell yourself something enough times, your brain will believe it eventually. Meaning, you can lie to it as much as you can and it will eventually believe that lie. Hope is like a piece of string at the end of a large heavy rope of hardships. Blow at it and it may simply dissipate and fall apart. I knew this project was whimsical, but I didn’t realize that there were strings attached to it and none of which were the hopeful kind either. I won’t go into details, but to have three major setbacks […]