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2017/01/01 at 2:30 am

I’m a frequent visitor to Quora and I have answered a few questions, but most of the time, I comment on other people’s answers or comments. Most of the people who respond are pretty nice and cordial. There has been some that are outright assholes. However, from time to time, the occasional fuckwit would respond to some of my comments or answers. The Quora Fuckwit is someone who assert an argument, uses illogical fallacies, turn 180 degrees to say I’m the one who said something they said, then when called out for their stupidity, blocks me before I can smack him/her upside their heads for being idiots. On Quora however, they have a rule called “Be Nice Be Respectful”. So I would have to nicely smack him upside his head.

Earlier this evening, some Quora Fuckwit named “Tham Wai Keong” responded to one of my older comments on a question titled “Are there cruel animals?”. The URL to that question and answer is here: https://www.quora.com/Are-there-cruel-animals/answer/Sarah-Lynn-Johnson.

So this guy starts off telling me my rationality is completely out of order. This was the conversation:

Tham Wai Keong

Your rationale is completely out of order.

You’re concluding that her friends ate to chicken to prevent it from being raped, and this is “less cruel” ? So are you saying you should pull a girl out from a crowd who is raping her, then kill her in order to ”prevent” them raping her further, since a quick death is “less cruel” than rape ?

Or do you even kill her in order to put her out of her trauma and misery, after she had been raped ? The chicken had ALREADY been raped.

And the fact that it had been bred for food is BESIDE the point. What any common sense human being would do at that point,REGARDLESS of whether that chicken had been bred for food, is to give it treatment as best as you can (I would have taken it straignt away to a vet) then isolate it in a coup or some corner of its own.

A living animal, is after all, still a living animal. I once pulled a small spider out from drowning in the office toilet bowl, then placed it on the carpet at the staircase outside.

I though I was too late, since it had already cringed when below the water, and was motionless for a few seconds after being put down. But to see it suddenly jump up again gives you a kind of joy that nothing else can replace in this world – that life is priceless and worth living.

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Leeman Cheng (鄭禮民)

Chicken =/= Human being. Therefore you have no argument.

Today, I ate a piece of chicken wing in BBQ dip. Yup, I’m an omnivore. However, that doesn’t include human flesh.

Your counter-logic is fucked up. Try again. ;)

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Tham Wai Keong

You are the one who has no argument, and you know it.

Who is talking about eating human beings ? We’re referring to killing someone as a relatively ”less cruel” act to her being raped.

But anyway, no wonder, your usage of four-letter vocabulary, moreover in a professional forum like Quora, reflects your mentality. People who resort to four-letter words obviously aren’t very intelligent, let alone have any sense of values. As this guy in my office who read your reply commented – ”Why are you even bringing yourself down to his level wasting your time arguing with this kind ?

But I’m sure you’ll see things differently if you’re that unfortunate to be reincarnated as a chicken.

We’ll leave it at that.

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Leeman Cheng (鄭禮民)

You originally said: “So are you saying you should pull a girl out from a crowd who is raping her, then kill her in order to ”prevent” them raping her further, since a quick death is “less cruel” than rape?”

Chicken does not equate to human girl. Human beings eat chickens as food. We don’t eat human beings. End of story.

You have no argument. Try again.

PS: I suggest you tone down your super emotional plea, because it’s not working out for you. Your delusion is showing. ;)

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I just noticed that he blocked me from the ability to comment further. {sigh} So my last response does not show in that conversation thread. So he can’t intelligently win an argument, spout bullshit, gets called out for it, then blocks me. Good job Tham Wai Keong. Now go hug a rainbow.

These sort of fuckwits are what irritates me enough to want to smack them upside their heads multiple times with a tire iron. ^_^ Clearly, the kid is not mature enough to accept swear words. He called it the ‘four letter vocabulary’. Can anyone say “Pretentious Fuckwit”? What’s even more amusing is that he was the one who brought up the analogy between chickens being raped are the same as human girls being raped, coinciding my ‘rationale’. No, kid. I eat chickens, therefore I see them as a product of food. To try to bridge between what one would do in a situation between a chicken and a human girl is fucking stupid. ^_^ That’s like people who say homosexuality is the same as paedophilia which is obviously not. Seeing his answers from his profile says that he’s usually an intelligent person, but coinciding his responses to me, it goes to show that book smarts only go so far.

Also, a person that swears shows s/he doesn’t have any values? What planet is Tham Wai Keong from again? I would LOVE to see him walk up to a war veteran who helped liberated Malaysia (where he’s from) from Imperial Japan and tell him that he has zero values because of the swearing he does. Which by the way, I know quite a few war veterans who swear, read books, treat their family right and wouldn’t say the sort of bullshit Tham Wai Keong would say on Quora.

Furthermore, intelligence need not be well mannered, especially when the other person is intellectually declined using his highly emotive ‘rationale’. I don’t have to be polite towards Fuckwits. ^_^ Otherwise, we wouldn’t have people like Richard Dawkins saying “Fuck off” to people who disagree with science. ^_^

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